The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book

Simple delicious meals for fast, healthy weight loss

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The Blood Sugar Diet has been a number one bestseller on Amazon, and has been ever-present this year on the Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Guardian and Bookscan bestseller lists. It has become a state of the nation talking point about the obesity epidemic that is beginning to drown the NHS. Real food for real people. More down to earth and user friendly than the Fast Diet Recipe Book. No high-end ingredients or fancy equipment needed - just good, wholesome food you would find on your average weekly shopping list. Suitable for anyone, from those undertaking the hardcore version for reversing diabetes, to those on the maintenance model for managing blood sugar levels. All recipes follow the Mediterranean-style diet recommended in the book.
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7 December 2017
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I followed this diet to the letter. In 8 weeks my blood sugar had gone from 60 to 40 (diabetic starts at 48 & pre-diabetic at 42) so I'm no longer diabetic!! Additionally I lost 17Kg. Now to maintain following the advice in the book!

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25 August 2018
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Having put weight on from recent treatment for breast cancer (all good now) but spurred me back into healthy lifestyle and getting to a better weight
Easy and really tasty recipes and I did lose weight even with hypothyroidism!
I don’t follow it religiously but have really cut my carb intake and I feel so much better. I still have some now and again but no longer feel bloated all the time - highly recommend

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24 May 2017
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Brilliant book. Been literally a life saver. Lost a stone and a half in 5 weeks. Blood sugar is also coming down. Worth trying. Not disliked anything in this book.

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29 October 2017
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We followed the diet for 16 weeks and increased our exercise. My husband lost 2.5 stones and 5 inches from his waist. Having been a type 2 diabetic for 10 yrs his GP has taken off all his medications and no longer considers him to be a diabetic.

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7 August 2017
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Fantastic book, recipes are really easy to follow and tasty, no fancy ingredients to track down, have lost 2 stone in 10 weeks.

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16 January 2019
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My wife bought this book as she wanted us as a family to cut down (not out) on our sugar intake and she wanted a recipe book that provided some inspiration and a varied menu to achieve this. It's no secret we were consuming far too much sugar so we decided to get proactive before our health began to seriously suffer. The recipes in this book are delicious and even better, they're simple with a minimal number of ingredients required across most of the recipes.
As full time working parents anything we can cook that is quick, simple, tasty and healthy every night is a total bonus.
Unlike competitors to this book where the ingredients are a-plenty and somewhat pricey, these ingredients are your day to day stuff combined to make delicious flavours and simple meals that the whole family (not just adults) can enjoy. The Pork in Mustard is an absolute fave! The food is filling and if you do your best to stick to the plan you won't be hungry however as our goal was to significantly reduce not remove sugar from our diet we do allow ourselves some sugar free jelly with chopped fresh fruit and a dollop of reduced fat creme fraiche for dessert each night because we found we did want something a little sweet just once a day. Adding this pudding hasn't hindered our progress in any major way and we're finding we can pinch a bit less belly fat already. Really worth having this book open and ready to use and not gathering dust on your shelf. There are loads of recipes to choose from that are inexpensive and simple to make. Tonight we're making meatballs from it and our 8 year old will get involved in the prep of it too so we can educate her on the importance of cooking simple healthy meals. I wished we'd known about the pitfalls of sugar decades ago before we got hooked on it! Nonetheless this is a great recipe book for weaning yourself off sugar without feeling deprived. Highly recommend and for the price it's excellent value for money.

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15 November 2017
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At last well produced diet recipe book that has been written by and for people living in Britain. Full of tasty receipts many of which are full colour illustrated. Brilliant!

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20 August 2017
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I have found this a really useful book whilst doing the 8 week blood sugar diet, my husband and son are not doing the diet with me so it was good to find recipes which we can all share without having to cook separate meals for myself

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